Prolotherapy Reviews

Patient’s prolotherapy reviews and testimonials after using prolotherapy to treat their ailments.

Dr. Franchi’s prolotherapy patients express their gratitude.

Amanda is a competitive runner who was diagnosed with a sports hernia.

Jeff has been a patient of Dr. Franchi for seven years.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Dan Rea explains what prolotherapy is and how it works.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL:  Dan Rea talks to Cheryl, an operating room nurse, about how prolotherapy helped with her knee issues.  She had five Prolotherapy treatments and has been pain free for five months.


420x316-grad-rea1AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Dan Rea, a veteran Boston television journalist, is the host of NightSide on WBZ News Radio 1030 weeknights from 8 PM until Midnight. Listen to his personal experience and endorsement of prolotherapy and Dr. Albert Franchi.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Garrett is an athlete who developed painful, inflamed cartilage around his pelvic bone area. He did months of PT and cortisone shots, but nothing seemed to work. One of his doctors recommended surgery. Wanting to avoid that, he did some research which led him to Prolotherapy and Dr. Franchi. After several injections, he’s now doing all the sports he did before his injury.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Mark tried to live with his wrist injury until it became too painful to lift a pen! Now, after five Prolotherapy injections with Dr. Franchi, he’s pain-free.

AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Diane’s hip pain for over a year was affecting many parts of her life. After trying other modalities, she tried Prolotherapy with Dr. Albert Franchi. Today she is pain-free.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: With pain associated with an ankle injury, Lisa saw another doctor who prescribed cortisone therapy – but it didn’t relieve the pain. Then she came to Dr. Franchi for Prolotherapy and it really worked wonders.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Angela was diagnosed with arthritis in her ankle. At the time, her doctors said that surgery was her only opion.  She checked around and decided to try prolotherapy with Dr. Franchi and had wonderful results that has given Angela her life back.


AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Amanda was a competitive runner and was thinking about surgery due to her chronic knee issues.  Tried prolotherapy with excellent results as she was able to continue to compete.

Susan – Susan had tennis elbow. Cortisone and physical therapy did not work for her. After getting prolotherapy injections, she has improved 80-90 percent.
Russell – Russell had pain in his elbow and back – and since getting treated with prolotherapy he says the results have been amazing. The pain in his back is now minimal and the results with his elbow have permitted him to return to work.
Gary – An automobile accident brought Gary to Dr. Franchi for prolotherapy treatments. After multiple treatments, Gary is now pain-free.
Kara – After dealing with rotator cuff pain and not getting results from surgery, Karen found Dr. Franchi on the internet and learned that she was a perfect candidate for prolotherapy. She felt major pain relief after one injection treatment and now has full shoulder flexibility, no pain and is sleeping through the night. As an alternative to surgery, Karen recommends prolotherapy.
Ann – Had severe knee problems and, with prolotherapy injections, reduced her pain by 80%.
Rick – Rick suffered with back problems for 29 years and has tried everything, including surgury. Using prolotherapy, he feels great and pain-free.
Larry – As a former athlete, Larry, in his late 50’s, developed a variety of major aches and pains. Dr. Franchi has successfully treated Larry for injured wrists, knees, hip and shoulder. Describing his improvement as dramatic, Larry is a strong advocate for prolotherapy.
Trish – Trish was determined to find someone who could alleviate the excruciating shoulder pain she experienced for a very long time. Today she is pain-free, has range of motion and the constant throbbing and bone-on-bone pain is gone.
Elyse – From prolotherapy injections, Elyse was able to alleviate severe lower back pain.
Dee – Dee came to Dr. Franchi with chronic knee pain; Prolotherapy has helped cut his pain by at least a third.
Chris – This professional hockey player came to Dr. Franchi for treatment of chronic groin pain that was preventing him from playing. After 5 injections over a 3-week period, Chris was back to playing professional hockey. A number of other treatments had failed him, most notably cortisone injections. However, where cortisone had failed, prolotherapy worked for this hockey athlete.
Walter – As a golf professional in New Hampshire, Walter tore a thumb ligament. After being treated by Dr. Franchi with prolotherapy injections, Walter was able to play golf and hit the ball pain-free within 6 weeks of being treated. For him, and his profession, it was a great outcome to the prolotherapy treatment.
Testimonial – I’ve been in pain for a year and my orthopedic doctor told me I’d have to live with the pain for the rest of my life … and be on Vicodin the rest of my life. After a year, since I came here, the pain is gone completely. I’m like a new person!

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