Prolotherapy Video Library

What is prolotherapyWhat is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy also known as Regenerative injection therapy is a treatment that stimulates damaged connective tissue to heal, more specifically ligaments, tendons and cartilage…Click here to view

Am I a canididate for prolotherapyAm I A Candidate For Prolotherapy?

Anyone who has pinpoint tenderness, joint pain, back pain, arthritis or joint instability is a good candidate…Click here to view

Am I a canididate for prolotherapyHow Prolotherapy Works?

Dr. Albert Franchi has done thousands of prolotherapy injections. In this video, he talks about how it works on injured tissue….Click here to view

A Typical Examination

Watch what a typical examination looks like in our office.Click here to view

Prolotherapy for treatment of plantar fasciitisProlotherapy For Arthritis

Prolotherapy helps to produce fibroblasts that fill in these areas to smoothen out the cartilage – in the same way you would put asphalt in the road to make your ride smoother. This helps to relieve the pain of arthritis significantly…Click here to view

Prolotherapy for Groin StrainsProlotherapy For Groin Strains

Prolotherapy is very effective for groin strains. Usually it takes three injections. The injections have to be placed precisely at the insertion of the adductor muscles to the pubic bone area. With the patients we’ve seen, we’ve seen an 80% to 90% success rate…Click here to view

Prolotherapy for Hyper Flexible JointsProlotherapy For Hyper Flexible Joints

There is a special group of people who are also candidates for prolotherapy – people who have hyper flexible joints. Their joints are so loose that they become unstable. Sometimes they dislocate their shoulders..Click here to view

Prolotherapy for Rotator CuffProlotherapy For Rotator Cuff

If your x-ray shows that you do not have an impingement of the tendon or rotator cuff by a spur of the acromioclavicular joint, then prolotherapy is effective. I have been able to heal a number of pure rotator cuff tears..Click here to view

Prolotherapy for treatment of plantar fasciitisProlotherapy For Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common problems that people come to me for is plantar fasciitis. Many people in middle age start to develop slight falling of their arches. This is due to deterioration of ligaments in the arch. The plantar fascia is the major ligament…Click here to view

Who should you choose for Prolotherapy treatmentWho Should You Choose For Your Prolotherapy Treatment

After doing this for over 30 years, I have a very good knowledge of the anatomy. If you’re going to receive these injections, it’s very important that they be done by someone who is familiar with the anatomy and knows the precise area to place the injection…Click here to view

Prolotherapy for lower back painProlotherapy For Lower Back Pain

One of the very common complaints I get is lower back pain – specifically right- and left-sided lower back pain. This is usually due to tears in the sacroiliac joints…Click here to view

Will prolotherapy give instant reliefWill Prolotherapy Give Instant Relief

People want to know if they’re going to get instant relief from Prolotherapy and I tell them, usually not. Everybody responds at a different time rate. Usually the treatment is either one injection each week for three weeks or possibly five weeks…Click here to view

prolotherapy effectivenessProlotherapy Effectiveness

Prolotherapy is very effective for the treatment of chronic pain due to sprains, joint instability and degenerative joint disease and is an aid to the speedy recovery of acute injuries..Click here to view

prolotherapy success ratesProlotherapy Success Rates

85% of those who undergo prolotherapy get at least a 50% reduction in pain and many get complete relief..Click here to view

are there limitations or side effectsAre There Limitations and Side Effects?

There are no limitations to activity except very heavy weight lifting or very traumatic sports…Click here to view

long distance prolotherapyLong Distance Therapy

If you live far away the treatment schedule can be modified…Click here to view

prolotherapy treatment processProlotherapy Treatment Process

Injections are given each week for three to 5 weeks…Click here to view

does the pain come back after prolotherapy treatmentsDoes The Pain Come Back After Treatments?

Pain can, but usually not for years and can be retreated with the same success….Click here to view

cortosone vs prolotherapyCortisone vs. Prolotherapy

Unless the pain is due to a true inflammatory problem, Prolotherapy is more effective and longer lasting…Click here to view

When Should An Athlete Look To Get Prolotherapy TreatmentWhen Should An Athlete Look To Get Prolotherapy Treatment?

Any persistent pain effecting athletic performance can be treated with Prolotherapy…Click here to view

Athletes and Weekend WarriorsAthletes and Weekend Warriors

Many athletes and weekend warriors suffer from partially torn tendons and ligaments and also suffer from onset of early arthritis…Click here to view

How Long Until Prolotherapy Results Are RealizedHow Long Until Results Are Realized?

Response varies depends upon the state of the patients health and type of injury. Some get partial relief after the first injection others take longer….Click here to view